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    Products, Wooden log houses

158 sq.m. 110 000 euros. Meets A, A ++ class thermal resistance standards.

Price includes:

  • Timbered construction (wall overlay beams, arches, terrace construction, marking, packing);
  • Roof construction (joists, wrap, ventilation square beams, leads, roofing, tiling);
  • Roof insulation, decoration planks, roof nailing;
  • Wooden windows, windowsills and doors, reveal decoration;
  • Transportation, building on a prepared base of foundation;
  • Wooden floor.

The house is suitable for 4-person family, partial nature and quality recreation. The combination of traditional architecture and thoughtful constructions will decorate the lot of Your choice or it will become the accent of rural tourism.

The house is separated into four pieces: two bedrooms on different parts of the house will assure privacy, and the other two parts, which are economic and living zones, will let You enjoy comfortable and practical structure of the house. In the living zone, a living room with a huge dining room are connected into unity, and windows as well as a spacious terrace create an environment where it is only a pleasure to spend Your time. In the economic zone of the house there is a planned work room, boiler room, and bathroom which, if the need rises, can be reconstructed into your personal bathhouse, kids room or boiler-laundry room.

The harmony of old traditions and modern outlook makes this house a dream come true.