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    Products, Wooden log houses


120 sq.m. 92000 eur 1027830 sek. Meets A, A ++ class thermal resistance standards.

Price includes:

  • Timbered construction (wall overlay beams, arches, terrace construction, marking, packing);
  • Roof construction (joists, wrap, ventilation square beams, leads, roofing, tiling);
  • Roof insulation, decoration planks, roof nailing;
  • Wooden windows, windowsills and doors, reveal decoration;
  • Transportation, building on a prepared base of foundation;
  • Wooden floor.

This is an exclusive choice for the family which propagates active and luxurious lifestyle.

The complex is made of two separate buildings connected by one architectural line. The first building contains three bedrooms, spacious work room (can be reconstructed into another bedroom), boiler room a huge living room-dining room with a bar. The second building contains bathhouse, and by the client’s demand, it can be redone into garage, guest house or summerhouse. Terrace which is between the two buildings is a link connecting the whole complex.