Log houses

Our company builds log houses, saunas, homesteads, mews, stables from exceptional quality dry or wet wood, which comes from Russia. To ensure that your future home is at its best, logs can be dried up to 18%. The length of logs can reach up to 10m with thickness between 18cm to 26cm.

For your convenience we can do all architectural work as well.

Wooden frame houses

Wooden frame houses are light in construction therefore they can be built at the construction site. We offer monolithic reinforced concrete foundation or concrete masonry unit with thorough insulation.
On the concrete foundation hydro isolation (dam proof/waterproof membrane) is added with lower wooden frame crown on top of it. Later we add construction pillars and beams with upper crown.

Wooden frame house walls:

All wooden frame house elements are made from studs (wood). They are connected with hooves, brackets, steel bands and others. To the top of the frame crown are scaffolded tire beams and roof ravens. Wooden frame pillars are made of 100x100mm, 150x100mm and 150×50 mm studs. They are arranged with 0.6-1.5 meters gaps between each other. To ensure maximum strength of the construction, extra pillars are added. Whole wooden frame then is sheathed with 20-25mm thick double cut planks or 12-18mm ODS boards. When adding interior wall panels, 20-25mm gap is left between board and wall panels for air circulation.

If more wider, bigger or stronger foundation has been used, wooden frame can be build up/strengthened with masonry bricks to a half-brick wall. Between masonry bricks and wooden frame 2-5 cm gap is left for art circulation to avoid any dampness to the construction. Wooden frame outside wall can be covered with decorative plaster, decorative bricks or wooden planks. Gaps between interior and exterior wall planks are filled up with lightweight mineral wool slab, polystyrene or other effective thermal insulation materials. Wooden frame house walls are relatively thin, but properly built and insulated are far more energy and heat efficient than other constructed houses. Wooden frame constructions usually are made of pine or evergreen tree wood. In European climate conditions it is advised to use three layers of insulation – at least 15 cm thick stone wool filler and for overlays- at least 20 cm thick stone wool filler. Wooden frame house wall thickness depends on the number of window and they size, so that the entire thermal insulation system would form a close contour. Interior walls can be additionally insulated by using plasterboard and wood chipboards, to ensure they stability and strength.

Wooden frame houses are fast in construction, easy modified, while in construction process and easily repaired. They are very affordable and low-cost in comparison to other construction houses, about 20-25% cheaper.